Perfect training for hand-eye coordination!

Specially with problems of coordinative and motor skills.

Do you have problems with your eyesight?

You do not really like sports?

Are you thinking you are bad at all ball sports?

Problems with hand-eye coordination?

You have no more moments of success?


Then, my product is just right for you!



Bassalo is a "Miracle Game"!


And after 7 years of experience, the following has been shown and revealed:


  • The special, and I think unique throw technique, promotes very strong our fine and gross motor skills of the wrists. The wrist gets softer every time you throw and the litter gets smoother. This is exactly the same how it is with the catch. At first a bit shaky and "stoned", and after a few attempts a little more fluent and accurate. Customers with e.g. Parkinson's or rheumatism were very impressed and enthusiastic here. "Finally a sport for me", "Super training, finally something in which I am good", have been some statements of the players.


  • Unsporting and / or fat people playfully move on and have fun doing it. You hardly notice that you have to stretch and bend over again and again or run after the ball. After about 10 minutes you start to sweat and already you have done sports.


  • Especially older people do not usually see very well and generally do not do much sport anymore. Bassalo is ideal! Many report that you can not even play badminton because the surface is far away from the hand, but with Bassalo it is possible. In addition, a good training for hand-eye coordination.

Once I asked an older couple (grandma & grandma) if they bought my game Bassalo for their grandchildren and the answer was: "No, that's for us, the game is easy to pack in your purse and we go often outdoors for a walk. You can always play again, because you move and it is a good exercise for our eyes. " (The customer review has been automatically translated from German).


  • Many people with Down syndrome are very fond of Bassalo. Astonishingly easy, they do the throwing and also with the quit difficult throwing technique!

In a school class, I trained 2 hours a class of the new middle school. One guy of the class had Down syndrome. When we were playing fast time games, this one player with his teammate was the best team in the class! What a joy!

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