How it all began:

Many years ago we played as Heidelberg students in the private sphere a similar game - but with chip cans.


The memory of this game came to me again about 11 years later, when I trained as Dipl. Leisure and Outdoor Guide the end of 2010.


But only in February 2011, when I announced my employment after 7 years freight forwarding industry, it began.


With about 20 purchased and overpainted chip cans I tested Bassalo in schools and various sports and family events Tirol, Austria. This incredibly positive experience finally encouraged me to actually tackle this project.


Quick the game was christened with the name "BASSALO" and off we went!


Now also launched the development of rules and different game disciplines, which did not exist by 2011. Many events, interesting contacts, and many enthusiastic players, gave me insightful feedback for further development.


The idea of ​​the brand name originally comes actually from my mother, who is from Venezuela and often with me playing "pasala" called out, which means "pass it."


After reviewing the existing products and domains the name was finally to "Bassalo" and is now the registered oriented brand name of the product and also the name of the new sport.


For cans and cups, as well as numerous different ball locations initially applied, now a specially finished sports product has been developed, which offers players an unforgettable game experience!


I am very pleased to have so invented a great product and the rules of the game and to share this with all my fellow human beings.


And I wish you a lot of fun!

Your Markus

Here a photo with my mum on 2012 with the first Bassalo series.


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