Der ideale Mix für den Schulsport!
Der ideale Mix für den Schulsport!

Game, Fun & Action in one!

BASSALO is the sport in which one tries to catch from large special cups to throw a ball back and forth, and the same again.


Not so easy, yet simpler than you think at first, you catch the small ball relatively quickly. And at distances up to 50 meters!


The recurring sense of achievement makes you want more and encourages the ambition.


Whether alone against a wall, as a couple or as a team, Bassalo provides plenty of fun and action!

It is also an ideal training device to improve hand-eye coordination, dexterity, Estimating distances, and much more!

Just try it - and catch it, if you can!

With your BASSALO equipment you can play anytime, anywhere! All you need ar 2 Bassalo cups, a Bassalo-ball and go!


The cups and balls are designed for indoor and outdoor use. The cups are very stable and resilient and long enough for very long casts. And with the balls you can even in strong wind and play in the water!


With this equipment litters are possible over a distance of up to 50 meters!


For your imagination knows no bounds: Whether in the park, on the street, at the beach or in the backyard - Games, fun and action are guaranteed!


You can couple to each other or against each other. Also try against a wall and all the tricks!

The age:

BASSALO you can play from 4 years on and no matter what fitness level you! The sooner one begins to train his hand-eye coordination, the better.


Normally you play BASSALO from 6-7 years to start learning throwing and catching.



Throwing technique:

  • Hold the bowl always below the grip area.
  • Arm stretched beside the body position.
  • blank wrist loose.
  • Cup draw with ball with a sweep from the bottom up.
  • The players are located 8 - 10 meters apart.
  • The ball spin with a swing and a slight flick of the wrist, out of the cup.
  • holding cup opening ever in the direction where also scheduled to be executed shot.

Error: Many consider her wrist and the whole arm stiff and try the ball with a bump out from the cup to shoot; instead rolling him on edge.


Throwing technique in the water:


It is thrown from above. Now the ball rolls on the inside back along and is also rolled at the edge of the cup to the front, or weggeschnippt!


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