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Playable also in very strong wind & in the water!

Bassalo at the beach of Sardinia:

The Bassalo sport cup

High quality product

The special sport cups are produced in Germany using a specially made tool.

The material:


  • The material is made of physically lifelike and very robust, impact-resistant and elastic polypropylene (short PP).
  • The lower "grip area" is rougher and duller than the upper area. This high-low design dissipates sweat to the outside and thus provides a better feel.
  • The cups are certified according to the EU food cotnact material regulation, which means theoretically they would also be suitable for drinking.
  • Length: 25 cm
  • Diameter opening: 7 cm


Big advantage:


The length of 25 cm is ideal for long and high throws. Also, the ball does not fall out easily when catching. The conical chape of the cups also ensures a soft "spinning landing".

Special Bassalo- Ball:

Ideal weight - sporty character

Manufactured in China.


  • Balls quality are very similar to squash balls. They give the game the sporting character.
  • You can play against a wall.
  • They are wind-resistant, because of their weight. Perfect for playing outside on very long distances up to 50 meters, for example at the beach.
  • Swimming on the water surface.
  • the colour of neon orange make the balls easy to find




  • Material: PVC
  • Size: 40 mm
  • Colour: Neon orange
  • Weight: approx. 23 gram



Content per Starter Set:

2 Bassalo-Cups, 1 Bassalo-Ball, 1 lid, 1 game and using instruction

Instructions - warnings:

The product Bassalo is a sports equipment. Play at your own risk!

Age: Recommended from 7 years.


Attention! Product should be use with care, as it requires great skill and can result in accidents due to wrong throwing or catching. For example, itmes or people could be hit with the balls/cups.


The product is intended exclusively for sports. If used incorrectly, e.g. hit each other, throw against a wall or on the floor, sit on it/stand/ jump, they can break.

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9:00 - 18:00 Uhr

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