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Team Game "2-Balls Game"

Ideal for any age (recommended from 8 years) & as a Teambuilding!

1. Setup:


2 staked fields, with or without a net. Players are outside their field. Eveyone has a cup in their hands and each team has only one ball.

2. Start:


Each team now tries to catch their own team ball 3 times. The rule is: After you have thrown to your team mate, you go down to your knees, and can only get up again, if only the one with the ball in the cup is standing. To catch you can jump into the field, for throwing outside again.

3. Game against the opponent:


If a team captures their ball 3 times and is faster than the other team, it is now allowed to play and throw the ball into the opposing field. The opponets mjust first put their ball aside. All players are now in the field. The bal is now always thrown directly from the catching player into the opposing field. The one who catches the ball can throw him back again.

4. Points:


As volleyball, a point only falls when the ball is not caught or flies out or into the net. As soon as a point falls, the teams stands again back out of the field, both teams have their own ball again, and they start again at the same time with their "3-point-game".

Additional rules & possibilities:

  • The ball can be caught 3 times in general or 3 times in a row, that means, if the ball falls to the ground, must be counted from zero again.
  • Points: Each time the opponent team catches the approaching/coming ball from the attacker, there is one additional point.
  • The 3-point game should be counted aloud so that each team always know how it stands.
  • The scoring team may announce when teh 3-point match begins. Because both teams are only allowed to start at the same time - > fair play!
  • If both teams catch theirball 3 times at the same time, both balls can be played in succession. First one ball, then the other.
  • If you play without a net, you always should throw high into the opposing field - > fair play!
  • To bring more movement in the 3-point game, the thrower can run behind his throwing ball and only goes to the knees behing the catcher.

Here you see 2 Videos from the "2-Balls Game":

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