Unique game and sucessfull experience

Especially for schools that want to try somethin new

Promotes Coordination & Motor Skills

Team games, partner exercises, many cool tricks, unique throwing technique

The first steps

1. Throw and catch allone


Each player throws his ball up to the air with the hand or with the cup and tries to catch himself with the cup again. The same you can do against a wall.


2. Throwing by hand & catching with the cup


'Team of 2 face each other at a distance of about 3 - 5 meters and try to throw each other the ball with the hand and catch with the cup.


3. Throw & catch with the cup


Team of 2 face each other at a distance of about 8 - 10 meters and try to throw each other the ball with the cup and catch it with the cup. Check here!


The ball is flicked/snapped out with a light snap from the wrist into the air. It is important to ensure that is thrown with feeling, not with much power. It is therefore also usefull first to start with the week hand (believe me)!


4. Time Games


The teams of 2 now all paly for time. Normally, 3 minutes are enough. All teams count their points. Each catch counts one point. The ball must be caught before it touches the ground. If the ball falls to the ground you just keep counting all the 3 minutes.

For professionals

5. With 2 balls at the same time


Each player now has a ball and both throw at the same time. If both players catch the ball, there is one point. Also play on time. Look here!


6. With 2 balls and 2 cups at the same time


Each player has two cups and only one ball in the right cup. Both throw at the same time and try to catch the ball coming ball. The balls stays on the side where it is coming from. Means you always catch and throw with both sides alternate. If both of the player catches the ball, there is a point.


All these exercises are very good time games - the player are constantly changing and can count their points.

Image video for school sports:

BASSALO is ideal for physical education!

  • Educationally very meaningful game AND suitable for the syllabus.
  • Playful learning of hand-eye coordination, dexterity, assessment of distances, fine and gross motor skills.
  • Very funny game, makes fun, brings joy and amazement with it.
  • Very high success factor!
  • Many team games possible - weaker and stronger children can play together and cooperate as a team.
  • Promotion of perception, concentration, reaction.
  • Low accident risk.
  • Very good quality of the product!
  • Fun with exercise.
  • Many cool tricks possible -> promoting creativity.
  • The learning and assessment of different distances.
  • Time games possible - play on performance, endurance, fitness and speed.
    Promoting social skills: consideration, helpfulness, fairness, patience with yourself and your teammate.
  • Partners and group games possible.
  • Indoor and outdoor games: Balls are also suitable in the water and in strong winds.
  • Development of ambition & self-confidence.
  • Good training even for the weak hand.
  • Promote motor & coordination skills.
  • Unique throwing technique!
  • All students can play at the same time; no waiting necessary!
  • Very fast learnable game.
  • The games require less space for storage!
  • You have to build anything - No game field or something similar.
  • With one game many things can be trained simultaneously!
  • All players can train at the same time.
  • There are several training - and games options, with competitive character!
  • Low costs.
  • Very many uses. For example, as a leisure game in the breaks, on hiking days or in the swimming pool. As concentration and coordination training. As a team game in groups with competitive character. As an ice-breaker for meeting new schoolmates. As a teambuilding tool. Or just to warm up at the beginning and cool down at the end of the lesson.



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