Product information:


  • The material is very strong and elastic PP (polypropylen).

  • The length of 25 cm is perfect for long distances shots.
  • Down of the cups is made a grab handle for better holding.
  • The conical form of the cups makes a nice spinn-landing by catching the balls.


This special "Bassalo-Cups" are made by an extra tool, made and produced in germany. The product is unique and registrated as a community design protection.


The cups are confirmed by the EU food contact material regulation, that it would theoretically be suitable for drinking.


The Cups are also food safe, you could theoretical drink from them.

BASSALO - Balls:

They are manufctured in China.


  • Balls are very similar to squash balls. They give the game the sporting character.
  • You can play against a wall.
  • They are wind-resistant, because of their weight. Perfect for playing outside, at the beach, etc.
  • Swimming on the water surface.


The balls meet the harmonized standards and specifications according to EN71.

Compliance Letter and confirmations, EN71 and Reach standard both manufacturers can be sent on request.

BASSALO is a sport product!

Sports and athletic playground equipment are in most cases products that fall under "general product safety".


Toys they would if they are specifically intended for children under 14 years of age.
Products that are used by children, are not automatically toy.

It would have been a particularly targeting to 14-year-old to be recognizable.

Sports equipment for children over 20 kg body weight are not considered as toys.


For general product safety CE marking is not required.

Instructions - warnings:

Age: from 4 years


Instrucions: Always hold down the handle.


Caution: Attention! Product should be used with caution, since it requires great skill, so that accidents can be avoided by inappropriate throwing. Balls could hit objects or even backfire times. Similarly, the cup could by incorrect use or upon impact go other items / floor / walls break.

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