New Funsport!

Play outdoors, on a volleyball court, even in very strong wind and the water! Throws possible up to 50 meters!

Ideal Outdoor Game!

Easily & fast packaged, Bassalo is almost everywhere playable and the eye-catcher for every one who is watching!

1. Throw and catch the ball up to 30 or 50 meters!

Catching the ball of theses distances in an indescribably fantastic feeling!


2. Be creativ and try many cool and new tricks!

It is always surprising and funny to see what is possible! (Manuel)


3. Play in very strong wind or storm outside, for example on vacation on the beach!


4. Play in a team the "2-Balls Game"!

you will see it´s fun to play all together, for example on a volleyball court. (Gaming rules)

Bassalo on the beach:

The team game "2-Balls Game":

Some cool Bassalo tricks:

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