NEW SPORT Bassalo Cupball - Ideal ball game for school and leisure sports!

Especially for problems of hand-eye coordination & motor skills

Small Game - > Big Effect

Total concept of training, real team games and many cool tricks

School Sports

Bassalo is ideal for school sports and to promote coordination and motor skills. A perfect overall concept of training, real team games and many cool tricks.

Team Games

Play Bassalo in a team, at school, in a club or outdoor on the volleyball court. Whether "2-Balls Game" or the "Ultimate" Game, much more is possible!

Freestyle - Tricks

Throw and catch as you want. There are no limits no creativity. Whether with the T-shirt or without, the important thing it looks cool!

With special 25 cm long sports cups the Bassalo ball is thrown back and forth, and caught with the same. And that either with the weak or strong hand, at a distance of 5 to 30 meters, alone against a wall (like squash), in pairs witch each other or as a sport in a team.


The special thing is the fast and recurring sense of achievement. The feeling of catching the ball from about 10 meters with a cup opening of only 7 cm is fantastic. And that stengthens the self-confidence. Playfully, the coordination and motor skills are trained and drastically improved. In addition, the player is constantly moving his self! The unique throw technique promotes the fine and gross motor skills of the wrists.


The total concept of training, real team games with competitve character and many cool tricks when throwing and catching, make Bassalo extremely interesting and multiple use.


Especially not very athletic kids, even with strong vision and coordination problems are relatively good in playing Bassalo.


Big advantage at playing outdoor: Playing is possible even in very strong wind and in the water!


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